About Purespot

Our story…began in the year 1998 when our founder, Miss. Elaine, devoted whole-heartedly on the care of problematic and sensitive skins.

She aims to bring lifestyles and confidence to working ladies and housewives by providing them a full range of revolutionary products for skin revitalization and rejuvenation.

Our full range of skincare products meet our exacting standards and are made of natural ingredients without parabens.



We believe...that “Persistence creates Miracles” just as success is constancy to purpose. Even at her 50s, Miss. Elaine takes pride in her present skin condition both outlook and performance.

She trained and educated her skincare consultant teams to serve customer’s needs using the I.C.E. approach:

  • Identify: skin type and skincare identification
  • Customize: product customization to  meet the need of individual customer
  • Evaluate: customer feedbacks play an important part in one’s skin transformation



We use...pure and yet natural ingredients to ensure the safe uses of our skincare products. Our full range of products are manufactured in our own laboratories in Hong Kong. All natural ingredients and composite materials are sourced from the  U.S.A. and various European countries.

With the support of our US based business partner, a FDA compliant biotech manufacturer, we deploy A.I. algorithm to enhance the performance of skin diagnosis, product formulation, and ingredient selection. 

Our research team comprises: seasoned ingredient specialists, formulation scientists, and information technologists. Their orchestrated efforts aim at  revolutionizing the cosmetics industry by providing individualized skincare service, allowing users to take part and be in control of what they want to improve based on individual skin and climatic conditions.



We provide...one on one consultation and a total solution to the problems and worries of our clients with the use of our clinically tested and certified products.

Our full range of products are guaranteed 100% natural, non-alcohol, and no artificial additives.

We advocate every lady’s face and skin deserve the best attention and care. We strive to make the world a bit more beautiful and our customers happier!