Whitening Set

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Function: To act as a strong combination to reduce the dark spots and brightens and optimizes skin tone

Step 1: Whitening
Product: Ultimate Brightening Serum 30ml

A high-performance tone repairing serum developed with multiple synergistic whitening mechanisms, including stimulating cellular antioxidant defense systems, inhibits tyrosinase and α-MSH. The amazing formula works to banish the look of dark spots and to prevent them from coming back. By targeting the root of the causes of pigmentation, such as oxidation, irritation, dehydration, beautifully luminous skin is instantly brought back.

Step 2: Dark Spot Targeting
Product: Dark Spot Eraser Cream 30ml
A refreshing eraser cream that quickly reduces dark spots, brightens and optimizes skin tone as well as inhibits hyperpigmentation resulted by inflammation.

Full Set Whitening Treatment:

  1. Daily application of Ultimate Brightening Serum 30ml & Dark Spot Eraser Cream 30ml day and night after facial cleansing.
    1. Pour an appropriate amount onto the your palm
    2. Spread it evenly on area needed for soothing